5-15-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 5-15-1

popularity - fact or condition of being liked by most people
document - something written or printed that gives information
retrieval - act of retrieving, recovery
reflectivity - ability to reflect
transmit - send over; pass on; pass along
format - shape, size and general arrangement



1. The legal was given to the judge.
2. The of the magazine is very high this year.
3. Many men and women worked on the successful of the stolen paintings. 
4. Do you understand the of the book?
5. Mom will the message to you using e-mail.
6. The bright paint appears to have great , because I can see myself in it. 




7. The format of the poetry book was very attractive.

author, arrangement, or title


8. The popularity of the movie was very obvious by the number that attended.  Therefore it was by most people.

believed, liked, or disliked

9. She will transmit the message using a computer.  Transmit means to:

send, receive, or accept


10. I received the document in the mail yesterday.  It contained necessary information.

computer, printed, or colorful


11. The divers aided in the retrieval of the sunken boat.

recovery, disposal, or sale


12. I was amazed by the reflectivity of the water as I looked into it.

depth, reflection, or brightness



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