5-19 The World of Birds

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The World of Birds

  There are approximately 9,300 species of birds in the world.  They range in size from the tiny Bee Hummingbird, which weighs little more than a dime, to the Ostrich, which weighs over 300 pounds and stands taller than a man does.

  Birds are the most mobile of all the animals.  Only birds can go anywhere they please on the earth's surface.  They are most numerous in marshes, rainforests, and woodlands.  Birds inhabit deserts and have been seen within a few miles of the North and South Pole.  Some birds never stray far from their homes in their entire lives, but others span entire oceans or continents, sometimes in a single flight.  An example of this is the golden-plover which flies nonstop from Alaska to Hawaii and back each year.

  Species of birds can be found in almost any color of the rainbow.  Brightly colored peacocks and the camouflaged Tawny Frogmouth are just a few examples.  

  While some birds are nearing extinction, there are more domestic chickens on earth than humans.


Answer the questions below


1. According to this passage birds are the most of all animals.


2. The tiny Bee Hummingbird weighs little more than a .


3. Golden-plovers fly from Alaska to Hawaii and back each year.


4. The Ostrich weighs over pounds and stands taller than a man.


5. Birds can be found in almost any color of the .


6. An example of a camouflaged bird is the Tawny .

7. There are more domestic on earth than humans.
8. There are approximately how many species of birds in the world?



9. Birds are most numerous in 
Alaska and Hawaii.

the North and South Poles.

marshes, rainforests, and woodlands.



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