1.  Who is lecturing to Fudge about myna birds at the beginning of Chapter 9?

his father



2.  What does Peter find himself "caught in the middle of" in this chapter?

Fudge and Jimmy

Jimmy and Uncle Feather

two best friends

3. What was the reason Mom made a side dish of peas for supper?

So Daniel would not stay for supper.

She always made peas when they had spaghetti.

She didn't have any bread.

4.  Why is Peter relieved to see that Fudge's letter to Santa is only scribbling?

He's worried Fudge might be writing about him.

He's worried Fudge might be a writer like his dad.

He's worried Fudge might be a genius.

5.  Why didn't Daniel write a letter to Santa?

He's Jewish and celebrates Hanukkah.

He's too old.

He doesn't believe in Santa.

6.  What reason does Jimmy Fargo give for liking the game of hockey?

He's joining a team.

He's read all about it.

He thinks its violent.

7.  Why did Jimmy tell Peter pay close attention to his parents?

To watch for signs of divorce.

To watch for signs of happiness.

So he could sneak out of the house when they weren't looking.

8.  What is a catastrophe?

a pleasant event

when something goes wrong

a perfect day

9.  Who saw Brian Tumkin's friend Uriah?


all of the children in the auditorium


10.  What is a chalk talk?

It's when someone writes on a board with chalk.

It's when an artist draws a picture of a person who's posing.

It's when someone describes a person and another person draws the person being described.

11.  What does Peter believe is the worst part about babies?



messy eating

12.  Why is it not a good idea to bring mayonnaise on a picnic?

If it gets warm it can give you food poisoning.

It will melt all over everything else.

It is too expensive.

13.  Who suggested that Fudge and Daniel's bicycles be taken away for punishment?

Mrs. Manheim


Mr. and Mrs. Hatcher

14.  What did Peter decide not to tell his family about?

That he knew Tootsie was saying yuck all day.

That he knew his dad was going to go back to advertising.

That he was lonely.

15.  What does Peter realize when his parents announce that the family will be moving back to New York?

He realizes he likes Princeton better than New York City.

He realizes he will miss Alex.

He realizes that there's no place like New York.



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