6-16 Mrs. Frisby/Rats of NIMH (7-10)

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1.  As the chapter "The Owl" begins, the author says Mrs. Frisby's heart was pounding in her ears.  What point is the author trying to get across to the reader?

Mr. Frisby was hearing things.

Mrs.  Frisby is very nervous about her trip to the dark and unknown forest.

Mr. Frisby is having a heart attack.


2.  Why does Mrs. Frisby not tell her children the entire truth about Moving Day, Mr. Fitzgibbon, and the tractor?

She was a mean mother.

She enjoyed keeping the truth from others.

She did not want them to worry.

3.  Why was Jeremy able to soar during part of their trip to the forest?

He had caught an updraft, a current of warm air.

He had gathered enough speed during the takeoff.

He was moving at a very high speed.

4.  The author uses a "simile" when explaining the river?  To what is the river compared?  The river looked like....

A long, green, garden hose.

A wide, blue-green, fearsome snake.

A blue-green shoelace.

5. Why was the owl willing to listen to Mrs. Frisby?

She was a mouse and he was planning on eating her.

She was a lady.

She had saved a bird from the cat.

6. How was the owl able to identify which garden Mrs. Frisby was talking about?

Jeremy had explained it to him earlier.

He knew Mr. Fitzgibbon owned it.

He knew it had a large stone.

7.  When did an extraordinary change occur in the owl?

When Mrs. Frisby finally left his home.

When Mrs. Frisby told him her name.

When Mrs. Frisby told him he was of no help to her.

8.  Who does the owl suggest Mrs. Frisby go see to help her solve the problem of moving?

the rats

Mr. Fitzgibbon

Jeremy, the crow

9.  The owl tells Mrs. Frisby to see Justin and Nicodemus and to tell them

to save Timothy.

to move the stone to the left.

to move the house into the lee of the stone.

10.  Which of the following best defines the word "lee?"

The part or side facing the south.

The part or side away from the wind.

The part or side facing into the setting sun.

11.  What is the sign Timothy is aware of that indicates to him the Moving Day is near?

He notices a warm, wet, smell in the air.

He notices his mother is very nervous.

He notices his brothers and sisters packing their things.

12. Mrs. Frisby knew that no one prowled in the rats domain.  Which of the following best defines the word "domain?"




13.  Where is the entryway to the rats tunnel located?

Under a large stone.

In a rosebush.

In the tractor shed.

14.  What is the name of the first rat Mrs. Frisby meets as she enters the tunnel and entranceway?




15.  Whom does Mrs. Frisby meet while walking down the dark path out of the tunnel?

Mr. Ages, the white mouse

Justin, the crow

Timothy, her son 

16.  What did Mrs. Frisby have to promise in order to see Nicodemus?

She had to promise to help Mr. Ages bandage his injured leg.

She had to promise to keep everything she knows about the rats secret.

She had to promise to help the owl find a new home.



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