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Giant Pandas

  Giant pandas have Mickey Mouse ears, black-and-white coats and cuddly-looking bodies.  They appear sweet and comical.  They are however, shy, gentle creatures that generally avoid encounters with each other and with humans.  

  The giant panda is one of earth's most endangered species.  Only about 1,000 pandas survive in the wild, in the remote bamboo forests of China.  The panda's plight is confusing.  They have few natural predators (mainly the leopard).  People from all over the world love them and the Chinese government considers the panda a national treasure.

  In 1980 George Schaller, a world-famous wildlife biologist, began researching the question of why the species is nearing extinction.  For four years he tracked pandas through the forest.  What he found was disturbing!  Hunters stalked pandas for their valuable hides.  Pandas were also losing their homes.  Humans cut down the trees, then plowed the soil in their quest for wood and land.  The pandas were forced to retreat farther up in the mountains until there was nowhere else to go.

  The future is brighter for pandas because of the following steps to save them from extinction.  Killing pandas is illegal in China.  People face life in prison and some times even death for killing them or trying to sell their fur.  Many new panda reserves have been created, and there are plans to re-designate almost all of the animal's range as protected zones.  Tree cutting will be restricted or banned completely.  New forests are being planted to link panda regions.  This will provide food and cover for the animals as they travel between their territories.  

  These efforts will give hope to one of the planet's most adorable creatures - the pandas.


Answer the questions below


1. Giant pandas generally encounters with other pandas and humans.


2. Pandas are found in the remote forests of China.


3. A natural predator of the panda is a .


4. Hunters kill pandas for their valuable .


5. George Schaller researched the following:

Why is the panda nearing extinction?

What can be done to stop the killing of pandas?

Why is the panda considered a national treasure?


6. About pandas survive in the forests of China.

7. Pandas were forced to retreat to the mountains for what reason?
The Chinese government cut down the trees, then plowed the soil in their quest for wood and land.

Humans cut down the trees, then plowed the soil in their quest for wood and land.

George Schaller was studying their habits.

8. New forests are being planted in China to
provide future forests for hunters.

provide panda reserves.

link panda regions, which will provide food and cover.

9. Killing pandas is in China, punishable by jail time and even death.
10. George Schaller began to research the near extinction of pandas in the year .



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