401 Ghosts Don't Eat Potato Chips (1-6)

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1.  What two characters are heading to Aunt Matilda's house as the story begins?

Howie and his sister

Eddie and Howie

Eddie and his mom

2.  How does the author describe the color of Aunt Matilda's face?

It was the color of old pears.

It was as white as a ghost.

It was pink.

3. What was the name of Aunt Matilda's dead husband?

Uncle Jack

Uncle Howie

Uncle Jasper

4.  What did Howie see looking out of Aunt Matilda's attic window?

He saw a dog looking out of the window.

He saw Aunt Matilda looking out of the window.

He saw a man looking out of the window.

5.  What word did Howie's potato chips spell?




6.  What two characters are introduced in Chapter 3?

Melody and her teacher

Liza and Melody

Liza and Melanie

7.  Who does one of the girls suggest the boys call?

the police

Aunt Matilda

their father

8.  What is the legend behind Aunt Matilda's house?

Someone was killed in her house many years ago.

Witches are seen at all hours of the night.

Weird things happen at all hours of the light.

9.  Why did Aunt Matilda spit out the casserole?

It had beans in it and she did not like beans.

It tasted like it was rotten.

It was cold and needed to be heated up.

10.  What card game does Aunt Matilda want to play with the children?




11.  Why was Aunt Matilda's kitchen filled with smoke?

The casserole was burning.

A ghost had started a fire.

The furnace had exploded.

12.  Where does Aunt Matilda send the children to get her something to eat?

the Dairy Queen

the grocery store

a fast food joint



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