Atta Ants

  Atta ants are just one kind of ants in the ant family.  Atta ants can make the leaves of a tree or plants in a garden disappear in one night.  They are not very big, but they can carry heavy loads.  There are thousands of them, sometimes millions, in a colony.  Their scissors-like jaws cut off pieces of leaves.  They carry these leaves back to their nests deep underground.  The nests can be  twenty feet deep.

  Atta ants do not eat the leaves.  They only eat a special fungus.  The special fungus grows on the leaves.  The Atta ants must work hard to keep their nests just right for their special fungus.  The air must not be too damp or too dry.  They must keep the leaves perfectly clean so the fungus will grow.


Answer the questions below.


Atta ants are not very .


They can carry heavy .


Thousands or even millions of Atta ants live in a .


The of Atta ants are scissor-like.


Atta ants do not eat .


Their nests can be feet underground.

Atta ants eat a special .
Atta ants can make plants disappear in a garden in one .
The special fungus grows on .
The in their nests must not be too damp or too dry.
The must be very clean so the fungus will grow.



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