5-5-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 5-5-1

tethered - to fasten with a rope, chain, or cord
lethal - causing death; deadly
self-contained - containing in oneself or itself all that is necessary
reentry - an entering again or returning
faulty - having faults; wrong imperfect; defective
satellites - artificial objects launched by rockets into an orbit around the earth or heavenly bodies
maneuvering - moving or manipulating in a skillful way
cosmonaut - a soviet astronaut



1. The electrician repaired the wire because it was installed wrong.
2. The farmer the cow to a post with a long rope.
3. An astronaut and a both travel in space.
4. The skilled driver began the car through the dark tunnel.
5. The plants and animals were living in a unit.
6. The two new were launched to research the weather.
7. The fire caused smoke to fill the air.
8. The children were adopted upon into the country.



9. The rodeo rider tethered a calf with which of the following?

pipe, rope, or saddle

10. Satellites are launched into space by:

airplanes, buggies, or rockets

11. The reentry into the room occurred through the

door, table, or chair


12. A self-contained classroom has everything necessary within the:

room, school, or playground

13. Which of the following is lethal to a mouse if eaten?

cheese, poison, or candy


14. A faulty water pipe is:

imperfect, perfect, or fastened

15. Which of the following would make repairs in space?

pilot, cosmonaut, or plumber

16. She was maneuvering the needle through the quilt very carefully?  Maneuvering means:

skillfully, imperfectly, or carelessly



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