6-5-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 6-5-1

elements - the basic component parts
foundation - the basis
vital - essential
rituals - formal and customarily repeated acts
preserve - maintain, continue
unique - being the only one of its kind
ceremony - a formal act or series of acts performed in some regular way according to fixed rules
economics - a social science concerned with description and analysis of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services



We attended the wedding last Friday.
The of the United States is superior to other countries.
It is important that we our natural resources.
Our family has special that we follow.
A healthy diet is to maintaining a healthy heart.
The of our beliefs is grounded in religion.
 My dad says I am a individual.
We're learning the basic of quality writing in class.



Rituals are carried out

occasionally, repeatedly, or never

Which of the following is vital to human survival?

gifts, food, or friends

If something is unique, it is of a kind.

three, one, or two


Which of the following can be described as a ceremony?

movie, wedding, or vacation

Which of the following is considered the foundation of a building?

windows, roof, or basement


Which of the following is the basic element of an apple pie?

sugar, apples, or crust

If your teacher likes to preserve a quiet atmosphere in the classroom, which word best describes the word preserve?

maintain, enjoy, or order

Which of the following words comes from the word economy?

money, economics, or production



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