5-11-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 5-11-1

simulator - a computer-controlled machine which artificially produces the sights, sounds, or movement of a real-life situation
illusion - a false notion or belief
generate - cause to be; bring into being; produce
continuous - without a stop or break
complexity - something complex; complication
potential - something potential; possibility



1. The of the traffic accident made it very difficult to determine the cause.
2. The announcer said the for a dangerous storm is possible.
3. He wanted to enough money to purchase the house.
4. My bad dream was an , and I hope it never comes true.
5. The rain was during the entire day.
6. The , a computer-generated game at the arcade was great fun!




7. If the laughter during the comedy performance was continuous, it never:

began, stopped, or happened

8. The pilot used a simulator for military training.  The training was:

real, artificial, or lucky

9. The complexity of the problem required special attention.  Complexity means:

complete, complex, or compound 


10. Mom said it was just an illusion, so I know it was not:

real, new, or old 

11. The motor will generate power to move it.  Generate means to:

require, produce, or simulate


12. If we have a potential problem, a problem is:

possible, odd, or confusing

13. She has a continuous cold this winter.  Therefore she has a cold:

often, constantly, or never



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