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Vocabulary 10-1-1

immensely - something immense, very great in size or amount
conflict - a clashing or sharp disagreement
society - a group of persons forming a single community
adverse - not friendly or favorable
fate - a power beyond one's control that is believed to decide what happens
formulate - to state definitely and clearly
protagonist - the chief character in a play, novel, or story
scenario - an outline for a planned series of events
element - a component part



The of the story I enjoy the most is the humor.
We were able to a plan to solve the problem.
The main character's was death.
My sister and I are having a about rearranging our bedroom.
Mom said, "I enjoyed the movie !"
My brother was involved in an situation on the playground.
The of the story is Harry Potter.
The author is planning the for the play she's writing.
We are a reflection of the in which we live.



If you are having a conflict with your best friend, you are having a .

party, disagreement, or dance

If the dessert was immensely delicious it is very:

delicious, hot, or sugary

Being in an adverse situation is being in a/an situation.

exciting, unfavorable, or favorable


A society is a group of people forming a single .

community, city, or party

A protagonist is the chief in a play, novel, or story.

hero, character, or Indian

Which of the following is considered an element of comedy?

humor, songs, or dancing

If I began to formulate the idea in my mind, I was able to see it  in my mind.

clearly or unclearly

Mom explained the scenario for our vacation as a/an series of events.

planned or unplanned

If our fate is not in our hands it is our control.

within or beyond



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