611 Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry (6-7)

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1.  Big Ma tells T. J. that he is not to sulk.  What is the correct definition of sulk?

happy and joyful

sullen or glum

be disrespectful to adults

2.  Whose car is in the Logan's barn when they return from Strawberry?

their father's

Mr. Granger's

Uncle Hammer's

3.  Mama explains to Cassie that black people gained their freedom after which of the following wars?

Civil War

French and Indian War

Revolutionary War

4.  The reader learns in this chapter that the Logan children are bought their clothing in shifts.  What does this mean?

The Logan children get hand me down clothing.

The children get new clothing for Christmas

Each child must wait their turn for new clothes.

5. What does Uncle Hammer threaten to burn down?

Soldiers Bridge

the Wallace's barn

Jefferson Davis School

6. As Chapter 6 ends Mama says that they will have to pay for something that Uuncle Hammer has done.  What event is she referring to?

Uncle Hammer forced the Wallaces to wait while he crossed Soldiers Bridge.

Uncle Hammer sat in front of the Wallaces at church.

Uncle Hammer starts Jefferson Davis School on fire.

7.  To whom did Stacey give his new coat from Uncle Hammer?

the preacher



8.  Cassie says that Stacey received a tongue-lashing from Uncle Hammer.  What does she mean?

a harsh scolding or reprimand

a hand signal

a hand shake

9.  As Christmas approaches, who is Cassie anxiously waiting for so she can discuss the incident in Strawberry with?

Mr. Morrison


her best friend

10.  What does Papa promise Cassie they will never lose?

their mother

the land

their money

11.  Why were the Logan children so excited about receiving books for Christmas?

The books belonged to their grandparents.

The books were new.

The books were written by their mother.

12.  Jeremy gave Stacey a flute for Christmas.  What did Papa say that Stacey had given to Jeremy?




13.  What were the top wages paid to any man, woman, or child who worked in the Granger fields?

fifty cents a day

fifty cents an hour

five dollars a day

14.  The reader learns in Chapter 6 that the black people are boycotting the Wallace's store.  What does the word boycott mean?

To help them in a time of great need.

To help celebrate a good harvest.

To join together to refuse to deal with or buy from, so as to punish



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