Vocabulary 5-4-1

diesel - an internal-combustion engine that burns oil with heat caused by the compression of air
periscope - an instrument that allows those in a submarine to obtain a view of the surface
stern - the rear part of a ship, boat, or aircraft
rudder - a flat piece of wood or metal hinged vertically to the rear end of a boat or ship and used to steer it
devastated - completely destroyed
propulsion - a driving forward or onward, a propelling force or impulse



1. The of the engine moved the jet upward.
2. A train has a engine.
3. A allowed him to see above the water, even though he was below the water.
4. Steering the boat became difficult once the was damaged.
5. Repair is to rebuild, as destroyed is to
6. The end opposite the front of the boat is called the .



7. Which of the following has a diesel engine?

saw, bike, or submarine

8. If the city was devastated by a flood, the city was:

destroyed, researched, or supported

9. The stern of a boat is located in the:

front, middle, or rear


10. A sailor in a submarine would use which of the following instruments to see above the surface of the water?

periscope, telescope, or microscope

11. A rudder is found on which of the following?

bicycle, taxi, or ship


12. The propulsion of the engine forced the airplane in which direction?

sideways, forward, or backward



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