Grade 2 Reading Lessons


Subject Level-Lesson Description
Reading 2-1 Friends Friends
Reading 2-2 Cats as Pets Cats as Pets
Reading 2-3 Emily's Birthday Emily's Birthday
Reading 2-4 Thomas Edison Thomas Edison
Reading 2-5 Let's Plant a Garden Let's Plant a Garden
Reading 2-6 Guinea Pigs Guinea Pigs
Reading 2-7 Seasons of the Year Seasons of the Year
Reading 2-8 Shopping at the Mall Shopping at the Mall
Reading 2-9 The Chinese New Year The Chinese New Year
Reading 2-10 Water Water
Reading 2-11 Same or Different? Same or Different?
Reading 2-12 Let's Go Scuba Diving! Let's Go Scuba Diving!
Reading 2-13 The Littlest Turtle The Littlest Turtle
Reading 2-14 Constellations Constellations
Reading 2-15 The Monster The Monster
Reading 2-16 Jane Goodall Jane Goodall
Reading 2-17 Dancing Dancing
Reading 2-18 The Desert The Desert
Reading 2-19 Our Moon Our Moon
Reading 2-20 Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin
Reading 2-21 Leopards and Jaguars Leopards and Jaguars
Reading 2-22 All About Alaska All About Alaska
Reading 2-23 All About Texas All About Texas
Reading 2-24 All About Florida All About Florida
Reading 2-25 All About Colorado All About Colorado
Reading 2-26 A Pioneer Family A Pioneer Family
Reading 2-27 Henry Goes Shopping Henry Goes Shopping
Reading 2-28 Making a Terrarium Making a Terrarium
Reading 2-29 Grandma Irene Grandma Irene
Reading 2-30 McDonald's McDonald's
Extended Reading Activities.
0-2-1 Where the Wild Things Are Extended Reading
0-2-2 George and Martha Extended Reading
0-2-3 William's Doll Extended Reading
0-2-4 The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash Extended Reading
0-2-5 The Chinese Mirror Extended Reading
0-2-6 The Story of Ferdinand Extended Reading
0-2-7 Make Way for Ducklings Extended Reading
0-2-8 Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears Extended Reading
0-2-9 Many Moons Extended Reading


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