Grade 3 Reading Lessons

The following Grade 3 Lessons and Worksheets are available with a My Schoolhouse subscription.  Try some of our Lessons!


Reading Lessons

Subject Level-Lesson Score Description
Reading 3-1   Whales
Reading 3-2   A Dream Come True
Reading 3-3   From Another Planet
Reading 3-4   The Gumdrop Castle
Reading 3-5   Japan
Reading 3-6   Instruments
Reading 3-7   Rachel Carson
Reading 3-8   A Ball of String
Reading 3-9   Changing Shape
Reading 3-10   Elephant Facts
Reading 3-11   The Day the Moose Arrived
Reading 3-12   The Grocery List
Reading 3-13   Atta Ants
Reading 3-14   Our Sun, a Star
Reading 3-15   Leak or Leek?
Reading 3-16   Listening to Dad
Reading 3-17   Reptiles
Reading 3-18   The Bicycle
Reading 3-19   The Abacus
Reading 3-20   "Old Faithful"
Reading 3-21   The Eye and How it Works
Reading 3-22   Florence Nightingale
Reading 3-23   Worker, Queen, Drone
Reading 3-24   The City Park
Reading 3-25   Sharks
Reading 3-26   A Very Bad Storm
Reading 3-27   Biography
Reading 3-28   Autobiography
Reading 3-29   Nonfiction and Fiction
Reading 3-30   The Paper Birch


Extended Reading Worksheets

Subject Lessons Score Description
Reading 3-1   Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
Reading 3-2   A Promise is a Promise
Reading 3-3   Nana Upstairs & Nana Downstairs
Reading 3-4   When I Am Old With You
Reading 3-5   Owl Moon
Reading 3-6   Amigo
Reading 3-7   Storm in the Night
Reading 3-8   The Legend of the Bluebonnet


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