Grade 1 Reading Lessons

The following Grade 1 Lessons and Worksheets are available with a My Schoolhouse subscription.  Try some of our Lessons!


Reading Lessons

Subject Level-Lesson Score Description
Reading 1-1   Grandpa's Farm
Reading 1-2   The Big Rock
Reading 1-3   My Snowman
Reading 1-4   The Nest
Reading 1-5   The Big Bang
Reading 1-6   The First Day of School
Reading 1-7   My Best Friend
Reading 1-8   Baby Animals
Reading 1-9   Apples
Reading 1-10   The Big Storm
Reading 1-11   A Little Brown Worm
Reading 1-12   In a Tree
Reading 1-13   A Ship
Reading 1-14   Why?
Reading 1-15   Let's Grow Some Vegetable Soup
Reading 1-16   Helping Out
Reading 1-17   Telling Time
Reading 1-18   Our New House
Reading 1-19   Planting a Tree
Reading 1-20   A Very Bad Cold
Reading 1-21   Jelly Beans
Reading 1-22   A Trip to the Zoo
Reading 1-23   My New Hat
Reading 1-24   The Fish Market
Reading 1-25   The School Bus
Reading 1-26   Signs All Around Us
Reading 1-27   Squirrels
Reading 1-28   Going to the Dentist


Extended Reading Worksheets

Subject Level-Lesson Score Description
Reading 0-1-1   Leo the Late Bloomer
Reading 0-1-2   A Kiss For Little Bear
Reading 0-1-3   Happy Birthday, Moon
Reading 0-1-4   The Giving Tree
Reading 0-1-5   At The Crossroads
Reading 0-1-6   Hey! Get Off Our Train
Reading 0-1-7   I Have A Sister, My Sister Is Deaf
Reading 0-1-8   Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat


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