Grade 6 Language Arts Lessons

The following Grade 6 Lessons and Worksheets are available with a My Schoolhouse subscription.  Try some of our Lessons!


Language Arts Lessons

Subject Level-Lesson Score Description
Language Arts 6-1   Identify Independent and Dependent clauses.
Language Arts 6-2   Identify Compound Sentences Using Semicolons and/or Commas and Conjunctions.
Language Arts 6-3   Identify Declarative and Interrogative Sentences
Language Arts 6-4   Identify Exclamatory and Imperative Sentences
Language Arts 6-5   Identify Declarative, Interrogative, Exclamatory and Imperative Sentences.
Language Arts 6-6   Prefixes and Their Meanings
Language Arts 6-7   Suffixes and Their Meanings
Language Arts 6-8   Root Words and Their Meanings.
Language Arts 6-9   More Root Words and Their Meanings
Language Arts 6-10   Identify Compound Subjects and Compound Verbs in Sentences.
Language Arts 6-11   Cultural Sayings
Language Arts 6-12   Cultural Sayings


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