A clause is a group of related words.  A clause has both a subject and a predicate.  There are two types of clauses.

Independent Clause - An independent clause can stand alone as a sentence.  Here is an example: We walk to school.  This sentence expresses a complete thought and can stand alone.

Dependent Clause - A dependent clause cannot stand alone as a sentence.  Here is an example: when the cake is done baking  This clause does not express a complete thought and cannot stand alone.


Directions:  Identify each of the clauses as independent or dependent.
when Mr. Jones yelled
I enjoy the opera
unless it comes today
although I lost the library book
they're going on a picnic
mom found it in the drawer
the fifth graders sang
when the movie is over
I decided to go along
the strength of the man might
we're planning to have a party
when I'm finished reading



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Independent or Dependent Clauses