6-3 Kinds of Sentences

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Kinds of Sentences

A declarative sentence makes a statement.  A declarative sentence ends with a period.


The Spanish teacher is bilingual.

The printer is attached to the computer.


An interrogative sentence asks a question.  An interrogative sentence ends with a question mark.


Do you know the color of an emerald?

What is the quotient?


Directions: Indicate if the sentence is declarative or interrogative.
Put the correct punctuation at the end of the sentence.
Can you name the planets in order from the sun
Is an ostrich taller than an emu
The movie has won many prestigious awards
Pablo Picasso was a very famous artist
How many inches equal five feet
The baker is known for his world famous muffins
Paul is able to identify the minerals
Two of Columbus' ships were the Nina and the Pinta
St. Paul is the capital of Minneapolis
Do you know the symbol for the element copper
What flight are they arriving on
Is that an example of Haiku
She is a student at Pioneer High School
Patrick is the most popular boy in class
Is Mesa Verde located in New Mexico



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Declarative or Interrogative Senetences