6-2 Compound Sentences

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Compound Sentences

Compound Sentences

A compound sentence is a sentence made of two or more simple sentences joined by a comma and a conjunction (and, but, or, for, so, yet), or only by a semicolon.

Example: I've been to New York, but I have only seen pictures of San Diego. (Notice the comma and conjunction)

Example: My face and throat are sore; I must have the flu.  (Notice only the semicolon)


Directions: Insert either a comma or a semicolon to correctly complete each sentence.
Our family will be camping and we'll also hike through several mountain ranges.
I have a new bicycle soon my little brother will want to borrow it.
Beverly Cleary is my favorite author Jean Craighead George is also a favorite of mine.
I'll meet you at 11:30 so we won't be late for the premier.
Jordan likes to ride the bus I enjoy it as well.
We should buy less processed food and we could grow some of our own vegetables.
I enjoyed "Phantom of the Opera" but "Fiddler on the Roof" was also a spectacular production.
Motorcycles are used for transportation mopeds transport people as well.
Bananas are high in potassium oranges are high in Vitamin C.
Cumulus clouds are white and fluffy but my favorite are cumulonimbus.
A mixed number is a whole number and a fraction it can be expressed as an improper fraction.
The class understood multiplication but they did not pass the test.
Would you like lasagna for supper or do you want to go to the restaurant?
Cardinals eat black sunflower seeds finch eat thistle seed.
The waitress asked if we would like Pepsi or would we like lemonade?



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