Prefixes are word parts, which come before the root word.  Pre means before.  Prefixes often change the meaning of a word. 

Some common prefixes and their meanings are:

astro [star]

inter [among, between]

ex [out]

hyper [over]


Directions: Select the word from this list that best completes the sentences below.
centimeter (1/100 of a meter)
maladjusted (poorly adjusted)
monorail (a vehicle which runs on one track)
submerge (put under)
quadrant (one quarter of a circle)
postscript (a note added after the end of a letter)
pseudonym (false or assumed name)
unique (one of a kind)
quintet (a group of five musicians)
amphibious (living on both land and water)
forefather (a related person who lived at an earlier time)
microscopic (so small it can be seen only under a microscope)
transoceanic (crossing the ocean)
preview (showing something before the regular showing)
expel (drive out)
copilot (one who flies with and assists the main pilot)
international (of or between two or more nations)
quintuplet (one of five children born in a single birth)
nonfat (absence of fat)
microfilm (a very small film)


The hot lunch program offers products such as yogurt and cheese which contain little or no fat.
The pilot became famous in her attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a flight.
The book store held a special event, before the release of the new book by J. K. Rowling.
A is equal to 0.39 of an inch.
The Spanish speaking child was  in the English speaking classroom.
Mr. Tobias instructed the students to accurately show 1/4 or a of the circle.
After completing the letter to Ruth, I included a short , or a PS.
Jim's first view and experience with one rail transportation was when he rode the in Chicago.
Benjamin Franklin used a when he wrote Poor Richard's Almanac.
She is a along with her two brothers and two sisters.
The directions said to the frozen package under water for ten minutes.
Eli, Seth, Bill, Adam and I will perform as a in the fall concert.
Rachel's family records indicate her was related to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
The professional used an insecticide to all termites from our house.
The Library of Congress has information recorded on , which is an efficient way to save large amounts of information.
My dad always says I'm , because I'm "One of a Kind".
A frog is an example of an animal; an animal which is capable of living on both land and water.
It is impossible to see the tiny, , one-celled animal without the aid of a microscope.
Former President Gerald Ford was successful in reaching peace agreements among nations.
The double checked the pilots preflight plans.



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