Grade 2 Language Arts Lessons


Subject Level-Lessons Description
Language Arts 2-1 Identifying Nouns Identifying Nouns in a Story
Language Arts 2-2 Identifying Verbs Identifying Verbs in a Story
Language Arts 2-3 Nouns and Verbs Identifying Nouns and Verbs in a Sentence
Language Arts 2-4 Prefixes in Words Identifying Prefixes in Words
Language Arts 2-5 Suffixes in Words Identifying Suffixes in Words
Language Arts 2-6 Identifying Antonyms Identifying Antonyms
Language Arts 2-7 Identifying Synonyms Identifying Synonyms
Language Arts 2-8 Abbreviations Identifying Abbreviations
Language Arts 2-9 Cultural Sayings The Meaning of our Cultural Sayings
Language Arts 2-10 Meaning of Words Identifying the Meaning of Words


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