Grade 5 Math Lessons

The following Grade 5 Lessons and Worksheets are available with a My Schoolhouse subscription.  Try some of our Lessons!


Math Lessons

Subject Level-Lesson Score Description
Math 5-1   Properties of Addition
Math 5-2   Variables
Math 5-3   Opposite Operations, Equations
Math 5-4   Problem Solving!
Math 5-5   Associative Property, Variables, & Opposite Operations
Math 5-6   Commutative Property
Math 5-7   Associative Property
Math 5-8   Distributive Property
Math 5-9   Problem Solving!
Math 5-10   Associative, Commutative, & Distributive Property
Math 5-11   Stem & Leaf Plot using a Line Plot
Math 5-12   Range, Mode & Median
Math 5-13   Divisibility Rules
Math 5-14   Factors of Numbers
Math 5-15   Finding Greatest Common Factor for Fractions


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