Grade 2 Science Lessons


Subject Lessons Description
Science 2-1 Simple Machines Levers, Wheels, Pulleys, Inclined Planes, Wedges, and Screws
Science 2-2 The Water Cycle Evaporation, Condensation, and Precipitation
Science 2-3 Magnetism Magnets and Magnetism
Science 2-4 Using a Compass Using a Compass
Science 2-5 Insects How Insects are Harmful and Helpful
Science 2-6 Insects The Parts of Insects
Science 2-7 The Human Body - Cells Our Cells
Science 2-8 The Human Body - Systems Cells, Tissues, Organs, and Systems
Science 2-8-1 The Human Body - Digestive System The Digestive System
Science 2-9 Plants The Life Cycle of Plants
Science 2-10 Animals - Life Cycle The Life Cycle of a Frog


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