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Dear Mr. Henshaw (P. 1-19)

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Questions About "Dear Mr. Henshaw"
(P. 1-19)

1.  What grade is the main character Leigh Botts in when he writes the December 3rd letter to Mr. Henshaw?

second grade

third grade

fourth grade

2.  Who is Mr. Henshaw?

He is Leigh's father.

He is an author.

He is Leigh's uncle.

3. Why is Leigh writing to Mr. Henshaw?

His teacher is making him write to an author.

His mother is making him write to his father.

He really likes to write letters.

4.  Leigh mentions he likes the book Ways to Amuse a Dog.  What does the word "amuse" mean?

to train to obey

to punish

to occupy with something pleasant

5.  How does Leigh feel about living in a mobile home park?

He hates it.

He likes it because he has many friends there.

He doesn't care where he lives as long as he's with his parents.

6.  In the December 2nd letter to Mr. Henshaw, Leigh writes the following - Enclosure: Picture of me.  What is the meaning of the word "enclosure?"

be sure to close when finished

something is inside

close the door

7.  Why did Leigh read another book by the same author?

Mr. Henshaw said he should.

His teacher said he should.

His mother said he needed to read more.

8.  What does the reader find out about Leigh as he begins sixth grade?

His dog Bandit dies

He's mad as his parents.

he is in a new school in a different town.

9.  Why does Leigh say he should have known that Mr. Henshaw moved from Seattle to Alaska?

He should have looked at the new address.

The book Moose on Toast took place in Alaska.

He had seen it on TV.

10.  In the November 15th letter, why is Leigh angry with Mr. Henshaw?

Mr. Henshaw didn't write to him in over a year.

Mr. Henshaw said unkind things about him.

Mr. Henshaw sent him a list of questions he should answer.

11.  Why doesn't Leigh like his name?

He likes the name Mike better.

Some people don't know how to say it or they think it's a girl's name.

It is his dad's name too.

12.  How does Leigh describe what he looks like?

The mediumest boy in the class.

The smallest boy in the class.

The boy with red hair and freckles.

13.  What do you know about Leigh's father?

He lives with Leigh and his mom.

He lives next door to Leigh and his mom.

He doesn't live with Leigh and his mom.

14.  What does Leigh's dad do?

He is a truck driver.

He works in a mobile home park outside of Bakersfield.

He is a salesman.

15.  Leigh's mom works part time and also goes to school.  What is she going to school for?

She wants to be an author.

She wants to be a nurse.

She wants to be a veterinarian.














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