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Compound Subjects - Compound Verbs

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Compound Subjects and Compound Verbs

A compound subject includes two or more subjects in a sentence.  Here is an example: Mrs. Keller and mom bake cookies.  Mrs. Keller and mom are the two subjects in the sentence.

A compound verb includes two or more verbs in one sentence.  Here is an example: Julie played the guitar and danced around the room.  Played and danced are the two verbs in the sentence.


Directions: Indicate whether the sentence has a compound subject or compound verb.
Example: Jim and Ruth climb rock walls. subject
Example: Mr. Scott writes and draws on the computer program. verb
Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse were the creation of Walt Disney.
Our planet revolves around the sun and rotates on its axis.
The A minor chord and the C minor chord sound different.
Dolphins and porpoises have highly developed reasoning abilities.
John Lennon wrote and performed the song "Imagine".
Asians and Hispanics are minorities in the United States.
Maya Angelou writes poetry and has appeared on many TV shows.
Parentheses and brackets tell us which operation to do first.
Platelets and red blood cells are found in the blood.
Flowers and trees can be found near the capital.
The directions said to recite and repeat until understood.
The principal and the teacher are best friends.
John selected and paid for the newly released CD.
Chicago and New York City are highly populated cities.
The Chicago Cubs played and lost the first game.


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