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Every sentence needs a noun and a verb.  "Henry plays" is a complete sentence.  If we add the word "football" to the sentence, the sentence now has a direct object.  In the sentence "Henry plays football," the direct object is "football."  A direct object is a noun or a pronoun that the verb in the sentence does something to.  The direct object of the verb "plays" is "football."  It's the object of the verb.

Look at the direct objects in the following sentences.

Bob hit the ball.
Mary drove the car to the store.
Jack married Jill last year.

Identify the direct object in the following sentences.

Mike rode the bike to school.
Direct object is

Jeri bought food at the store.
Direct object is

Mom cooked the peas for supper.
Direct object is

In the story, James built a fire.
Direct object is

A long time ago, settlers left home by horse.
Direct object is

If you go now, Dad will take you to the beach.
Direct object is

Jose told Sue a lie.
Direct object is

The policeman chased the crook down the street.
Direct object is

Watch out!  That rock is going to hit the road.
Direct object is

After Jenna's party, she invited them to the house.
Direct object is



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