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Irregular Verbs

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Irregular Verbs

An irregular verb does not end with -ed in the past tense.  Here are some examples of irregular verbs:

Swim - swam, swum

Sink - sank, sunk

Fall - fell, fallen


Directions: What is the correct form of the verb in parentheses that completes the sentence?  Put the past tense irregular verb in the box.
He (have) to attend the concert last week with his parents.
Mom (begin) to prepare supper at 5:00.
We (sing) the Star Spangled Banner before the game.
We (give) the lost puppy to the Humane Society.
What (do) you do on your vacation in Florida?
Emily (bring) the supplies to school last week.
I (see) the sun set yesterday, but not today.
Steve (write) his book report about a fictional book.
All of my friends (come) to my birthday party.
The actors (give) their last performance on Wednesday.
The children all (have) tears in their eyes after the movie.
We have (give) food and clothing to the flood victims.
The repairman (say) the TV would be expensive to repair.
Tell mom I (do) my homework.
Tiger Woods (come) up to the 9th tee box.
Juan (begin) trombone lessons a month ago.
Last week the Boy Scouts (meet) at the library.
Coach Adam (have) all of the soccer equipment with him.
My friend (wear) mittens to school every day last winter.
The alien (come) from another planet.




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