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Proper Nouns

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Proper Nouns

A proper noun is a special kind of noun.  When something has its own name, the name is called a proper noun.  Proper nouns are names, nicknames, the name of your school, and the names of the city and state in which you live.

Proper nouns start with a capital letter.  Look for the proper nouns in this sentence.  Billy said he would enjoy going to Canton, Ohio for his vacation.  The proper nouns are Billy, Canton, and Ohio.

Capital letters say,  "This noun is different and special from other nouns."


Directions: Find the proper nouns in the sentences.

Kip said I could go to Disneyland with his family.
Our cats' names are Ringo and Scotland.
The Bears are playing the Lions at 3:00.
Dad likes to shop at Sears.
We saw Jasmine, the elephant perform at the circus.
Ramona Quimby is a character in a book.
Norfolk and Arlington are cities in Virginia.
The Iroquois are some of the first Americans.
Mars is nicknamed the "Red Planet."
Have you ever been to South Carolina?
Lewis Carroll wrote a book about a girl named Alice.
We're naming our puppy, Gus.
The Southwest is very dry.
Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity.
We ate supper at Pizza Hut.


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