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Identifying Adjectives

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Adjectives are words that describe nouns.  Adjectives describe how something feels, looks, tastes, or sounds.  Adjectives can also tell how much or how many.

soft cat

green trees

sweet candy

loud singing

six whales 

The short, fat, black dog is drinking the water.

I made a model car with small, black wheels.

Mom made me a big, jelly sandwich.


Find the Adjectives

happy girl
cold ice
old lady
orange tiger
little boat
two bears
hot sun
soft kitten
three friends
red leaf
scary book


Directions: Find the adjective in each sentence.  Put the adjective in the box.

My old jacket is warm.
Did you see the yellow sun?
We ran around the big track.
Amy caught a slippery fish.
Grandma lives in an old house.
Sam picked up a brown worm.
Dad will cut the long grass.
My cat has long, black hair.
We visited the small, brick museum.
I like spicy, hot pizza.
The loud, noisy drum hurt my ears.
David dropped the three, red blocks in the pail.
The pretty, little girl is my neighbor.
















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