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The Game of Golf

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The game of golf is a great sport.  Golf is the only sport where the player is her own referee.  The player determines when there is a penalty and what rule shown apply for the situation.  A player must be honest with herself and her playing partners.  There is no referee to tell the player she did not follow the rules.  The player imposes her own penalty strokes when it is appropriate to do so.  Golfers must be honest people to play the game correctly.  This is why the character of a person can often be determined on a golf course.

The game of golf is played with 14 golf clubs in a player's golf bag.  A player's golf bag may include a driver, a 3, 5, or 7 wood, utility clubs, irons (2-9), wedges, and a putter.  Any combination of clubs may be found in a player's golf bag.  The player determines what clubs she will place in the bag.

Golf is played on a golf course consisting of 9 or 18 holes.  Each hole is different from the others.  Holes are identified as par 3, par 4, or par 5.  Par is the expected number of swings or strokes it should take to place the ball in the hole. For example; a par 3 would take 3 swings or strokes at the golf ball to place the ball into the hole on the green.  A green is usually smooth enough to allow the golfer to putt or roll the golf ball to the hole.  Golf courses will have a combination of par 3's, par 4's, and par 5's.  The higher the par usually means the hole is longer in distance from the tee to the green.  The tee box is where the golfer starts a hole.  Golf courses are all different lengths.  The average golf course is about 5000 to 6000 yards long.

If you have never tried the game of golf, ask someone that plays to take you along sometime.  It's a game that takes time to learn but can be fun for a lifetime.  Golf is like life.  Every hole is a new opportunity to learn and experience something new.


1. A golfer must be

great to play the game.

tall and fit to play the game.

honest to play the game.

None of the above.

2. A golfer's golf bag consists of

10 clubs

16 clubs

4 clubs

14 clubs

3. Each golf hole starts at the  box.

4. A golfer can usually roll or putt the ball into the hole on the .

5. Par is the expected number of swings or it should take to place the golf ball into the hole.

6. A golf course usually consists of

par 3's.

par 4's.

par 5's.

A combination of all of the above.

7. A par 5 hole is usually than a par 3 hole.

8. Once the ball is on the green, a golfer will usually use the to roll the ball into the hole.

9. The player determines if a

hole is long enough to play.

penalty should be imposed.

hole is a par 3 or par 4.

None of the above.

10. In golf, the player is his or her own
























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