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Burning Wood for Home Heat

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Using wood to heat your home is lot of work if you cut your own wood.  First, you must cut the tree down with a saw.  Next, the tree must be cut into lengths that will fit into your wood burner or fireplace.  This length is usually 18 to 24 inches.  After the tree is cut into pieces, the wood must be moved from the woods to your house.  The next step is to split the wood logs into pieces that will dry and burn more easily.  Splitting wood is done by hand with a splitting ax or with a hydraulic splitter.  Once the wood is split, it is stacked in piles or in a wood shed to dry.  Firewood should dry for at least a year before it is burned.  When it is time to use the wood, it is moved to a wood bin near the wood burner.  From there the wood is placed in the fire when needed.  As you can see, burning wood takes a lot of human labor, but the work is usually fun when you do it with your family and friends.

1. Heating your home with wood is a lot of if you cut your own wood.

2. Splitting wood is done with a splitting ax or a splitter.

3. Wood logs should be cut

in 3 foot lengths.

in 4 foot lengths.

120 inches long.

from 18 to 24 inches in length.

4. Splitting the logs is done to

remove the insects.

dry the wood.

release gases.

None of the above.

5. Firewood should dry for about

ten years.

five years.

one year.

6. The making of firewood can be fun when done with family and



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