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Ways to Study Spelling

Write each word in a sentence.  Underline the word.

Write each word and circle the vowels.

Write each word and circle the consonants.

Write each word and cross out any silent letters.

Write each word neatly in pen.

Write and neatly frame each word.

Make a set of flashcards to study your words.

Write the words and a synonym for each word.

Write the words and an antonym for each word.

Type the words 3 times each.

Cut the words out of a magazine and make a collage.

Find the words in a textbook.

Write down the book and page where you found the word.

Write a definition for each word.

Write a story using the words.  Underline the words.

Put the words in ABC order.

Illustrate each word.

Use magnets to spell the word.

Spell the word to a partner.

Write your words 3 times each using a different color each time.