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The concepts of "The Quality School" are derived from the book "The Quality School...Managing Students Without Coercion" by William Glasser.

The "Quality School" would include the following:

The entire school environment would be non-coercive. No one would be coerced to do anything they did not want to do for themselves.

The teachers, students, and parents would insist upon "quality work."  Getting the job done well is one thing; however, continuing to improve upon how the job is completed is the hallmark of a "Quality School."

Parents, teachers, and students would be involved in developing a quality curriculum, a curriculum which would not involve throw away information, a curriculum which would include the basic skills of reading, writing, calculating, and problem solving. These are life skills which students identify as well worth learning.

Students, teachers, and parents would look forward to entering the "Quality School." It would be an environment where people are truly enjoying themselves. Work is FUN!!!

People talking with each other, without anyone threatening or hurting anyone else, would solve all problems. Problems would be seen as normal, and the method of solving those problems would be seen as part of the learning process. In fact, people would enjoy the problem solving process.

Parents, teachers, students, and other appropriate people would conduct evaluation in the "Quality School". Assessment would be an ongoing event. Multiple assessments would be considered the norm. The assessment would match the outcome desired by the student.

The student would complete any homework because he or she has identified the need to complete homework.

The "Quality School" would operate as a "Learning Organization", an organization where people are encouraged to develop collective aspirations and continually learn how to learn together. Boss management would never exist in a "Quality School."


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