Grade 3 Science Lessons


Subject Lessons Description
Science 3-1 The Inner Planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and the Asteroid Belt
Science 3-2 The Gas Giants & Pluto Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto
Science 3-3 The Balance of Nature Plants, Animals, Bacteria, Fungi and their Role in Nature
Science 3-4 Ecology The Environment
Science 3-5 Human Body - Nervous  System The Nervous System and How it Works
Science 3-5-1 The Ear The Ear and How it Works
Science 3-5-2 The Eye The Eye and How it Works
Science 3-6 Static Electricity Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons
Science 3-7 Simple Circuits How a Simple Circuit Conducts Electricity
Science 3-8 Chemistry Mass, Volume, and Density
Science 3-9 Stars How is a Star Formed?
Science 3-10 Stars The Death of a Star
Science 3-11 Black Holes How do Black Holes Form
Science 3-12 Hot-Air-Balloons & Blimps Hot-Air Balloons and Blimps
Science 3-13 Helicopters Helicopters
Science 3-14 Sailplanes and Hang Gliders Sailplanes and Hang Gliders
Science 3-15 Airplanes Airplanes - Kinds and Uses of Each
Science 3-16 Food Pyramid Food Pyramid - Six Food Groups


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