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February 6, 2008

1 to 1 Learning
Building and sustaining a computing program does not happen overnight.

By Pamela Livingston

Shuttle commander Pam Melroy, a 1979 graduate of Bishop Kearney, provided the connection, which allowed the students to enjoy press privileges and work side by side with adult professional journalists covering the event.

Empowered with laptop computers and coached by their teachers, the students sent frequent audio, video, and blog reports to local and national media. At the same time, they kept up with assignments in their classes back home using their laptops, never falling behind on important class assignments during the week they were in Houston.

This kind of self-directed learning, taking place at school or at a distant location, supporting a project with a curricular connection, and coached by master teachers with their own laptops, represents the best of possibilities of one-to-one computing.

We’re at an exciting place right now in education. Literally thousands of open-ended Web 2.0 tools are available for engaging learners and invigorating classrooms everywhere; options for online collaboration are increasing every day; and polls of U.S. adults say they support efforts to use technology to better prepare our students to compete in a highly technical global economy.

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