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November 5, 2008

How do textbooks fit into today's learning?  Many years ago, the textbook was the only tool used to teach students.  Today, with the increased access to the Internet in schools and homes, the textbook may be on its way out the door.  Today's teachers still use textbooks, however, the way they use them varies from page by page instruction to selective use of only parts of a textbook.

As technology increases and more students have Internet access available to them, we will eventually see the entire textbook presented on some type of electronic device.  Think of the learning potential.  No longer will students be limited to a book with a few hundred pages of information.  The world will become their intellectual resource.  And to some degree, this is already occurring with our children.

There is something to consider though.  Because the Internet is open to everyone, how do we determine what is truth and what is simple deception?  We will need to teach our children how to become very evaluative learners.