5-9 The War of 1812

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The United States went to war with England one more time.  The War of 1812!  The War of 1812, sometimes called "the Second War of Independence," was fought between the United States and Great Britain from 1812 to 1815.  The war between England and France broke out in 1793.  Britain began blocking ships into European ports.  The United States became angry!  Britain searched our ships and took our sailors to fight the war with France.

The United States made a mistake when it tried to take Canada from Britain.  The battles at Detroit and Queenstown Heights were both lost.  The United States quickly withdrew from Lake Champlain.  The battle in Canada was lost.

The main consolation in the first year of the war was the unexpected performance of the small American navy. In a single-ship engagement the frigate Constitution defeated the Guerriere in August 1812.  The U. S. navy won more battles but the British Navy was too strong.

The United States capital was soon captured and burned.  The British were later defeated and the British retreated to Canada.  The war ended with the Treaty of Ghent.


The War of 1812 began in what year?



The War of 1812 was with the country of



The United States made a big mistake when it tried to take



The famous ship of the War of 1812 is the

USS Enterprise
USS Washington


The War of 1812 ended with the Treaty of




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