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Remember the Alamo!  Texas was seeking its independence from Mexico in March of 1836.  Texas had to raise an army quickly.  One hundred and eighty-nine people fought in a building known as the Alamo.  Jim Bowie and Davie Crockett fought to free Texas from Mexico.

The battle of the Alamo lasted 13 days.  Over 3,000 Mexican soldiers came to fight at the Alamo.  The Texans held out for almost two weeks.  In the end only 5 men were left.  The Mexican President ordered the five male prisoners to be killed.  The Mexican General asked to save the men because they had fought so bravely.  The Mexican President refused.  The men were executed.

The battle of the Alamo and the killing of the 5 prisoners made the Texans very angry.  The Texans later surprised the Mexican army and captured the Mexican President in April of 1836.


 The battle of the Alamo lasted

9 days
7 days
13 days


The Texans fought at the Alamo to win their independence from



The Mexican President ordered the 5 prisoners to be

taken to prison


One of the more famous people to die at the Alamo was

Daniel Boone
Davie Crockett
George Washington


 The Texans later defeated the

Mexican Army
Spanish Army
United States Army



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