4-54-1 Geography Vocabulary

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Match the geography vocabulary with its meaning.

Archipelago A. Coned-shaped mountain formed by lava.
Arctic Circle B. One half of the Earth.
Atoll C. A large area that experiences very hot and cold temperatures and has little precipitation but supports grasses.
Climate D. A flat rolling piece of land that has few trees but is covered with grasses.
Delta E. Rain, sleet, hail, snow, and other type of moisture that falls to the ground.
Equator F. Islands clustered together.
Geography G. A treeless plain close to or above the Arctic Circle.
Hemisphere H. Highest point on a hill or mountain.
Isthmus I. An imaginary line about 66 degrees above he equator.
Prairie J. Coral reef enclosing a lagoon.
Precipitation K. A stream or river that flows into another larger stream or river.
Savanna L. The study of features of the Earth and places where plants and animals live.
Steppe M. An imaginary line that circles the Earth half way between the South and North Pole.
Summit N. An area of sediment from a river that divides a river into smaller parts at its mouth.
Tributary O. The weather that occurs in an area over a long period of time.
Tundra P. A narrow neck of land connecting two larger pieces of land between water.
Volcano Q. A dry flat area that supports grasses but few trees.  Located in tropical or subtropical areas.



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