4-3 The State of Arizona

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The great state of Arizona became a state on February 14, 1912.  The name Arizona is believed to be derived from a native place name that sounded like Aleh-zon or Ali-Shonak which meant small spring or place of the small spring.   There is also Spanish interpretation of "arizuma," an Aztec Indian word meaning "silver-bearing."  The state capital is Phoenix.  Welcome to the Grand Canyon State!

Emblem/Symbol Name of Emblem/Symbol Adopted
Motto "Ditat Deus," meaning "God Enriches."  
Nickname Grand Canyon State  
State Seal


State Bird Cactus Wren  
State Flower Saguaro Blossom  
State Tree Palo Verde  
State Butterfly Two-tailed Swallowtail  
State Song Arizona  
State Gemstone Turquoise  

Complete the questions below.

1.  Arizona became a state on February 14, .

2.  Aleh-zon or Ali-Shonak means small .

3.  A Spanish interpretation of "arizuma," an Aztec Indian word means

4.  The state gemstone is the .

5.  The nickname for Arizona is the .

6.  The state flag features a in the center.

7.  The state bird is a .

8.  The state song is .

9.  The state motto is "Ditat Deus," meaning "."

10.  The capital of Arizona is .



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