4-20 The State of Maryland

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The great state of Maryland became the 7th state in the union on April 28, 1788.  Maryland got its name when the charter that Lord Baltimore received from King Charles I of England specified a name for the new colony. It was to be called Maryland to honor King Charles’ wife Queen Henrietta Maria (Queen Mary).  Its state capital is Annapolis.

The first Post Office system in the United States was formed in Baltimore in 1774.  The Baltimore Water Company, the first water company in the United States, was chartered in 1792.  Francis Scott Key wrote “The Star-Spangled Banner” after seeing the flag still waving during a battle in 1814.  In 1844 the first telegraph line in the world was established between Washington and Baltimore.  The USS Constellation docked in Baltimore is the last ship to survive from the Civil War.

Emblem/Symbol Name of Emblem/Symbol Adopted
Motto "Fatti Maschii, Parole Femine" - Manly Deeds, Womanly Words  
Nickname "Old Line State"  
State Seal 1876
State Bird Baltimore Oriole 1947
State Flower Black Eyed Susan 1918
State Song "Maryland, My Maryland" 1939
State Tree White Oak 1941
State Flag 1904
State Insect Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly 1973
State Crustacean Maryland Blue Crab 1989
State Reptile Diamondback Terrapin 1994
State Dog Chesapeake Bay Retriever 1964
State Cat Calico 2001
State Gemstone Patuxent River Stone 2004
State Fish Rockfish 1965

Complete the questions below.

1.  Maryland became the 7th state in the union on April 28, .

2.  Diamondback Terrapin is the state .

3.  The state dog is the .

4.  The first Post Office system in the United States was formed in .

5.  The state crustacean is the .

6.  The state fish is the .

7. "Maryland, My Maryland" is the state .

8.  The state cat is the .

9.  "Fatti Maschii, Parole Femine" means "."

10.  The state bird is the .



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