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The great state of Alabama was admitted to statehood on December 14, 1819. The etymology of the name, Alabama, is linked to a southern Indian tribe whose habitat was known to be central Alabama. One of the major waterways was named for this tribe, and in turn, the name of the state was derived. The Spanish, French and British spelled the tribal name of Alabama in various ways, for example; Albama, Alebamon, Alibama, etc.

The popular belief that Alabama signifies "Here We Rest" stems from an etymology given in the 1850s through the writings of Alexander Beauford Meek. Experts in the Muskogee dialect have been unable to find any word or phrase similar to Alabama with the meaning "Here We Rest."

Some investigations indicate the tribal name Alabama must be sought in the Choctaw tongue, as it is not uncommon for tribes to accept a name given them by a neighboring tribe.

Emblem/Symbol Name of Emblem/Symbol Adopted
Great Seal

Great Seal


Alabama State Flag

Bird Yellowhammer 1927
Song Alabama 1933
Coat-of-Arms of Alabama

Motto We Dare Defend Our Rights 1939
Creed I believe in Alabama, a state dedicated to a faith in God and the enlightenment of mankind; to a democracy that safeguards the liberties of each citizen and to the conservation of her youth, her ideals, and her soil. I believe it is my duty to obey her laws, to respect her flag and to be alert to her needs and generous in my efforts to foster her advancement within the statehood of the world. 1953
Salt Water Fish (Fighting) Tarpon 1955
Flower Camellia 1959
Mineral Hematite (Red Iron Ore) 1967
Rock Marble 1969
Horse Racking Horse 1975
Fresh Water Fish Largemouth Bass 1975
Game Bird Wild Turkey 1980
Nut Pecan 1982
Official Mascot & Butterfly Eastern Tiger Swallowtail 1989
Insect Monarch Butterfly 1989
Reptile Red-bellied Turtle 1990
Gemstone Star Blue Quartz 1990
Tree Southern Longleaf Pine 1997
Wildflower Oak-leaf Hydrangea 1999
Amphibian Red Hills salamander 2000

Complete the questions below.

1.  Alabama was admitted to statehood in the year .

2.  It is believed the state of Alabama was named after an tribe.

3.  Some investigations indicate the tribal name Alabama must be sought in the tongue.

4.  The state bird is the .

5.  The state flower is the .

6.  The state tree is the .

7.  The state insect is the Butterfly.

8.  The state game bird is the Wild .

9.  The state freshwater fish is the Largemouth .

10.  The state wildflower is the Oak-leaf .

11.  The state gemstone is the Star Blue .

12.  The state reptile is the .

13.  The state nut is the .

14.  The state amphibian is the .

15.  The state motto is .



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