3-8 The Continent of Antarctica

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Antarctica is the coldest continent.  About 98% of the land is covered in ice.  A few small plants like mosses, lichens, and algae grow in Antarctica.  A few kinds of animals like penguins and fur seals live there.  The Southern Ocean, which surrounds Antarctica, is surrounded by the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans.  Some landforms found in Antarctica are glaciers, plains, plateaus, mountains, and valleys.  Antarctica is the home of the South Pole.


Use the map and information above to complete the statements below.

1.  The coldest continent is .

2.  About 98% of Antarctica's land is covered in .

3.  Plants such as , lichens, and algae grow in Antarctica.

4.  and fur seals live on this continent.

5.  The Ocean surrounds Antarctica.

6.  The Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Ocean surround the Southern Ocean.

7.  Glaciers, , plateaus, mountains, and valleys are landforms found in Antarctica.

8.  The Pole can be found in Antarctica.



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