3-7 The Continent of Australia

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The continent of Australia has water all the way around it.  The western coast of Australia is bordered by the Indian Ocean.  The eastern coast of Australia is bordered the Pacific Ocean.  The continent of Asia is north of Australia.  The continent of Antarctica is south of Australia.  Australia has many deserts such as the Great Sandy Desert and the Great Victoria Desert.  Australia has rainforests too.  Many unusual animals live in Australia.  There are six states in Australia.  The capital city of Australia is Canberra.


Use the map and information above to complete the statements below.

1.  The continent of Australia is surrounded by .

2.  The two oceans that border Australia are the Ocean on the west coast and the  Ocean on the east coast.

3.  North of Australia is the continent of .

4.  of Australia is the continent of Antarctica.

5.  Australia is home to the Great Sandy Desert and the Great Desert.

6.  Many unusual live in Australia.

7.  Australia is made up of six .

8.  Canberra is the city of .



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