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Every state has a capital city.  The capital city is where the leaders of the state government usually work.  They often work in the capitol building.  The citizens of the state elect, or vote for, its state government leaders.  Each state has a governor.  The governor is the person who is the leader of the state.  The governor must cooperate with other state government leaders to help the state run smoothly.  State government leaders must listen to what the citizens in their state have to say.

Just like the local or city government provides services to its community, the state government provides services to people who live in the state.  State taxes are money collected to pay for many of these services.  The state government provides people with a driver's license when they are old enough to drive.  The state government builds and maintains state highways.  It also provides a state court system.  State parks are also provided and maintained by the state government.

Communities all around the state must follow the rules and laws of the state government.  What is your state's capital city?  Have you visited the capitol building in your state?

Use the above information to complete the following statements.

1.  Every state has a city.

2.  The leaders of the government work in the capital city.

3.  The citizens elect, or for, its state government leaders.

4.  The is the leader of a state.

5.  State government leaders must to what the citizens have to say.

6.  The state government provides to the people who live in the state.

7.  State pay for many state services.

8.  The government provides people with a driver's license.

9.  The state government and maintains state highways.

10.   all around the state must follow the rules and laws of the state government.



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