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A community is the area where you live.  It can be a large or small community.  It is made up of the people in your neighborhood.  The people who live in a community are called citizens.  Citizens have responsibilities and must cooperate with others to have a peaceful and safe community.

Many towns or cities have a government.  The local or community government is a group of citizens who make the rules or laws for a community.  Many communities also have a mayor.  The mayor is the leader of the town or city government.  A community may also have a town or city council.  The council is made up of a group of people who have been chosen to solve problems for the town or city.

Citizens in the community must obey, or follow, the rules the government makes.  The police make sure citizens follow the laws.  People who do not follow the laws or rules face consequences.

People in communities pay taxes.  Taxes are money paid to the government to run the city or town.  Taxes provide many communities with services such as police and fire protection.  Schools and libraries are also provided through tax money.  Garbage collection is a service provided by the city or town government.

Most people in a community work for wages, or money.  Some people volunteer their time and skills to the community.  To volunteer means that you do not get paid.  Volunteers give their time freely to make their community a better place to live.

There are many communities around the world.  Every community is unique and special.  What makes your community special?

Use the above information to complete the following statements.

1.  A is the area where you live.

2.  People who live in a community are called .

3.  A group of citizens who make the rules or laws for a community are called the .

4.  The is the leader of a town or city government.

5.  The city or town is a group of people who help solve problems for the community.


True or False?

6.  To "obey" means to follow.



7.   People who do not follow the rules or laws in a community face consequences.



8.  Tax money is used to provide services to many communities.



9.  Volunteers get paid for their work.



10.  Communities are always large.





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