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During the late 1700s, America was changing.  Many newcomers to America were moving west to settle new frontier lands.  These were lands that most people had not seen, been to, or settled yet.  The people who eventually settled these frontier lands in America were called the pioneers.

Some pioneers settled in the Appalachian Mountains area.  Later, pioneers were tempted by cheap and, sometimes, free land in the west.  Land was being given away to anyone who would stay and farm it.

Most pioneers traveled in a covered wagon in search of their land.  Everything they owned and needed for the long journey was carried in the wagon.  Traveling in a wagon was difficult.  Pioneers often had to travel great distances and many months to claim the land for their new lives.

Many pioneers headed west used the Oregon Trail for their journey.  This was the longest trail in North America.  It was made up of smaller trails that were connected.  The Oregon Trail had been used by the first explorers and fur traders before the pioneers came along.

Many pioneers settled near the Mississippi River and started farming communities.  Other pioneers kept moving further west past the Mississippi River and settling in the Great Plains area.  Still other pioneers moved all the way west to settle in California where they thought they could find gold.

Pioneers that moved west and made settlements from the Atlantic coast all the way to the Pacific coast is known as the Westward Expansion of the United States.

Use the above information to complete the following statements.

1.  People who settled new frontier lands in America were called .

2.  Pioneers were tempted by cheap or free in the west.

3.  Most pioneers traveled in a covered .

4.  Traveling in a wagon was .

5.  Many pioneers traveled using the Trail.

6.  Pioneers settled near the River.

7.  Other pioneers settled in the Great area.

8.  Some pioneers went to to find .

9.  Pioneers who went west and settled land from coast to coast is known as the Expansion of the United States.



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