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After the Pilgrims arrived in 1620, many other people starting coming to America to live.  Soon, America was growing very fast.  Someone who comes to a new country to live is called an immigrant.  The people who came to America to live came from many different countries.  Immigrants came from Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, Russia and many other countries.  Many immigrants came to America on steamships.  The journey at sea took a long time.

Immigrants left their native, or home, country for many different reasons.  Most Immigrants left in order to find a better way of life than they had in their native country.  They hoped to find better opportunities in the new land.  Some people left their country because they couldn't own their own land.  Others left because they didn't have enough food.  There were other people from Africa who came against their wishes and were forced into slavery.

Some immigrants came to America through Angel Island in California.  Many other immigrants came though Ellis Island in New York.  Those who came through Ellis Island were greeted by the Statue of Liberty.  When immigrants landed, they were asked many questions which many of them could not understand because most of them didn't speak English.  Many immigrants had their names changed at Ellis Island.  The doctors there also checked their health.  People who were not healthy were not allowed to come into America.  Some people were allowed into America only after they were healthier, but some immigrants were sent back to their native country often leaving family members behind in America.

Millions of people came to America through Ellis Island.  In 1954, it closed because of the changing laws.  Ellis Island is now a museum that many people visit.  All Americans today are related to immigrants or are immigrants themselves.

Use the above information to complete the following statements.

1.  An is someone who comes to a new country to live.

2.  People who came to America to live came from many different .

3.  Immigrants came to America on .

4.  Most immigrants were looking for a better way of in America.

5.  Some immigrants came to America through Island in California.

6.  Other immigrants came through Island in New York.

7.  Ellis Island immigrants were greeted by the Statue of .

8.  Many people had their changed at Ellis Island.

9.  Some unhealthy people were sent back to their , or home, country.

10.  All Americans today are to immigrants or are immigrants themselves.



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