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Native Americans were the first people to live in North America.  They lived in America for thousands of years before Christopher Columbus arrived.  They were here before the pilgrims, the colonists, or the pioneers.

There are many different Native American tribes that have lived and still live in North America today.  Each Native American community, or tribe, is unique.  Each tribe has its own culture, or way of life.  Each has its own language, traditions, and beliefs.  Food, clothing, and shelter are part of their culture.

Throughout history, many Native American tribes hunted, fished, and grew their own food.  Other tribes followed the buffalo herds which provided them with meat.  Today,  Native Americans still do most of these things except hunt buffalo.  They also get their food from grocery stores just like your family.

History also tells us that each North American tribe had its own style of dress.  Some wore deerskin and animal fur.  Some tribes wore a headdress with feathers.  Today, Native Americans dress up in their tribe's traditional clothing for celebrations such as powwows.  A powwow is a festival where dancing, drumming, contests, and food is shared.  On most days, Native Americans wear everyday clothes just like you.

Long ago, tribal homes were different, too.  Homes were suited to the place where they lived.  Eastern Woodlands tribes lived in longhouses.  Some tribes on the plains lived in teepees that could travel easily with them as they followed the buffalo.  Other tribes in the southwest lived in pueblos which were homes made with adobe bricks.  Some made their homes from blocks of ice called igloos.  Today, many Native Americans live in modern homes like you do.

Many of the things we use today were introduced to us by Native Americans.  Kayaks, canoes, toboggans, and snowshoes came from Native Americans.  They also introduced us to popcorn.  Native Americans are well-known for their beautiful baskets, pottery, and jewelry.

Native Americans have great respect for the Earth.  They believe we must live in harmony with nature and protect all life on the planet.  Native Americans are very thankful to Mother Earth and what she provides. 


Use the above information to complete the following statements.

1.  Native Americans were the people to live in North America.

2.  They lived in America for of years before Columbus arrived.

3.  A Native American community may also be called a .

4.  means way of life.

5.  Which of the following are part of Native American culture?




  All of the above.

6.  A is a festival where dancing and drumming take place.


True or False?

7.  In the past, all Native American tribes lived in teepees.



8.  Native Americans introduced us to popcorn.



9.  Native Americans have great respect for the Earth.



10.  Native Americans live in North America today.





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